Project Proposals

# Project Supervisor Status
2460 N32_Design of an OFDM Transceiver by IEEE802.11ad standard on Simulink for Automatical Kod C Generation Abraham Biran Available
661 N25 Test Equipment (TE) Computing and Automation Methodologies and RF Signal Processing Abraham Biran Available
2503 N34_Design Digital Coder and Decoder for OFDM Transceiver for Wideband Underwater Communications Abraham Biran Available
4311 N28_Nonlinear Distortions Study Part: 2 Abraham Biran Available
1764 N30_Building of VHDL Oriented Model for Wi-Fi OFDM Transmitter IEEE802.11a/g/n Abraham Biran Available
4345 N47_Ka band Pulsed_ RF Power Amplifier.docx Yonatan Biran Available
3249 N08_Satellite Transmitter_Filters PLL Yonatan Biran Available
494 N02 Microwave Project - Magnetic Resonance Aharon Blank Available
2792 N37_Design of error-correcting codes for storage devices Rami Cohen Available
4273 N12_Design and Implementaion of RF front-end for Satellite Comminications Denis Dikarov Available
4480 N41_High frequency source for satellite communications Denis Dikarov Available
4433 N07_Wireless Musical Instrument Termenvox Denis Dikarov Available
4457 N07_Doppler RADAR for Heart Rate Monitoring Part: 2 Denis Dikarov Available
3634 N04_Satellite Transmitter_HW Design IQ Imballance Correction Alexander Hodisan Available
4229 N38_Satellite Transmitter_HW Design IQ Imballance Correction Alexander Hodisan Available
2974 N19_Drone Communicatoin System for international competition auvsi Alexander Hodisan Available
4546 N43_Ultra-low noise microwave oscillators based on an electro-optical fiber system Alexander Hodisan Available
4230 N39_Satellite Transmitter_System Simulation Alexander Hodisan Available
513 N42 Printed Antenna with a Coplanar Transmission Line Feeding Ben-Zion Joselson Available
4184 N03_Design of an adaptable antenna array for AUVSI competition 2018 Ben-Zion Joselson Available
4474 AUVSI2018 - Antenna Tracker Ben-Zion Joselson Taken
3214 N49_Digital Satellite Communication simulation Avner Kaidar Available
4190 N05_Simulation of Electro Acoustic Wireless Charging of Endoscopic Capsula Beniamin Kantor Available
909 N11_Underwater Ultrasonic Transmitter for OFDM Modulation Beniamin Kantor Available
3267 N50_Drone in Flight: Battery Wireless Charging Beniamin Kantor Available
3232 N09_Antenna 2.4-2.45GHz Circular Polarisation Yuri Komarovsky Available
1506 N40_Design and Hardware Implementation of Patch Antennas Up To 1GHz Yuri Komarovsky Available
475 N01 YIG based Frequency Locked Signal Generator Yuri Komarovsky Available
2036 N15_Design and Implementation of Universal RFID System Yuri Komarovsky Available
4271 N10_Design and Implementaion of RFID system for Equipment Localisation Yuri Komarovsky Available
3231 N06_RF Informer about Forgotten Things Yuri Komarovsky Available
3217 N36_Receiver for Satellite Communications Haim Malka Available
3566 N48_Satellite Transmitter_Digital Transmitter Implementation Part: 2 Maxim Meltsin Available
1868 N13_Injection Locking Optoelectronic Oscillator Namer Moshe Available
1162 N16_RF Power Amplifier Design for 12-18GHz frequency band Namer Moshe Available
4432 N23_SC-LDPC codes for flash memory אשד רם Available
899 N44 Buttler Matrics 8x8 Jacob Remez Available
1184 N26_Antenna Automatic Measurement Oren Rosen Available
508 N27 Project on Non-Binary Codes Sandrovich Amichai Available
2770 N17_Class E broadband PA based on filters constructed from non-resonant sections Vladimir Smirndv Available
2581 N22_Channel Coding for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Alexander Tolmachev Available
1828 N35_Multi Symbol Differential Decoding Alexander Tolmachev Available
1803 N31_Sparse Channel Estimation Nir Weinberger Available
4162 N28_Digital OFDM MIMO receiver implementation using SDR technology Abraham Biran Taken
4310 N_28_Nonlinear Distortions Study Part: 2 Abraham Biran Taken
1464 N20_TDM signals distortion mechanisms Study in broadband digital communication Abraham Biran Taken
4224 N07_Doppler RADAR for Heart Rate Monitoring Denis Dikarov Taken
4324 N43_Influence of LO Phase Noise on digital modulated signal quality Alexander Hodisan Taken
4163 N29_System Simulation of Satellite Transmitter and Results Comparison to the Theoretical Alexander Hodisan Taken
4185 N33_SDR for AUVSI_hodisan Alexander Hodisan Taken
4312 N07_Wireless Electro-Acoustic Battery Charging Part: 2 Beniamin Kantor Taken
1507 N41_Design and Hardware Implementation of Patch Antennas Above 1GHz Yuri Komarovsky Taken
3963 N12_PA_Analysing for Phased Antenna Array optimisation Sayag Avi Taken
3753 N_28_Nonlinear Distortions Study Abraham Biran Taken
3958 N28_SDR GMSK Transmiter on GNURadio Platform Avner Kaidar Taken
3898 N05_Data Generator for Implant in Human Body Beniamin Kantor Taken
2768 N07_Wireless Electro-Acoustic Battery Charging Beniamin Kantor Taken
3986 N45_Electromagnetic Power Absorption by Dipole Antenna Array Yehuda Leviatan Taken
4017 N52_Small Power Efficient Transceiver on FPGA Maxim Meltsin Taken
4014 N55 GNSS Simulator for GALILEO Part: 2 Namer Moshe Taken
3720 N05_Data Transmission to Implant through Acoustic Battery Charge Channel_Beniamin Part: 2 Beniamin Kantor Taken
3080 N04_Wireless Communication System for Audio Signal Beniamin Kantor Taken
497 N08 Investigation, Characterization and Design of Wideband Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) by RFCMOS Technology Aleksey Dyskin Taken
509 N28 Project on LDPC Codes Sandrovich Amichai Available

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