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 In our laboratory, a student can go through all the steps of performing a projects: Design, simulation and hardware implementation.

 Some of our projects have become start-up.


Digital Communications

 joint coding and modulation, espcially Turbo coding , spectrally efficient formats and appropriate algorithms for demodulation like Viterbi and others.

 Implementation of algorithms in the return LEO satellite channel:

 joint decoding and phase tracking under sever Doppler frequency shifts.

 combined Turbo decoding for short DATA bursts in the new DVB standart.

 Implementation of very high arithmetic capacity generic FPGA’s platform for 5 iterations turbo decoder at very high rate DATA.

 joint Undersampling techniques at IF  frequencies up to 100Mhz  with various types of ADC’s and DDC’s for high bit rate Turbo decoder.

 DSP’s hardware implementations of various Turbo decoders algorithms in teaching undergraduate students.


 RF and MICROWAVE Communications

 Advancing the technology of the various types of cellular trasceivers as well as satellite channels.

 Novel Synthesizers stuctures especially very fast switching, wide band and very low spurious and phase noise levels.

 Linearization of power amplifiers joint efficiency power control for linear modulation techniques, at Ku-Ka  bands.

 MMIC designs in cooperation with ‘Rafael’ and ‘Rasteck’.  Switches, Mixeres, Attenuators, various types of Amplifiers at Ka band.

 Simulations ability  using HP-ADS and Microwave-Office with various manufactures libraries.


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