#71 – Digital Communication Experiment

#71 – Digital Communication Experiment

#71 – Digital Communication Experiment

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Reduction in the experiment’s content, see Appendix

Workspace:  MATLAB Toolboxes for communication simulation.

Description of the experiment:

The experiment focuses on learning  basic digital modulation techniques – FSK, QPSK, BPSK by using functions in MATLAB.
During the experiment you will built modular units for transmitting and receiving signals,  applying those Matlab modulation functions.
The experiment will be conduct in two sessions part – (a) will handle the phase modulation methods QPSK, BPSK and part (b) will handle a frequency modulation type FSK.

The purpose of the experiment:

1. Deep understanding of the topics learned in the “Introduction to Digital Communications” course.
2. Demonstrate and present of topics above using computer simulation.
3. Study the simulation tools and methods used for development and analysis of performance in the field.


The experiment requires a basic knowledge of  MATLAB.
The experiment will be taken after the after or in parallel to the courses: Introduction Digital Communication (046206) and Intro. to Digital Signal Processing (044198).

Background information:

Experiment booklet
In the introduction chapter, under “Sources” there is a referral to specific chapters in the literature, and those are the base for the preparation questions.

More files

Supervisor: Alex Hodisan, 04-829-4762, hodisan@technion.ac.il

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